World Inline Hockey Tour 2017 is on !

2017 is bringing great news for our association ! Africa Cup in Swakopmund, Namibia, was the first stone of our World Inline Hockey Tour 2017. During 4 months, we will be covering major inline hockey events around the world. Some of them are huge for the hockey community, others are not well known yet – but we hope to help them to grow bigger !

You’ll find more informations about our World Inline Hockey Tour below. We also started a crowdfunding here, for those who would like to buy our jerseys, polos, tee-shirts and caps.


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Team Wilha
The principal goal of WILHA, World Inline Hockey Association, is to develop the communication of our sport. We wish to develop the existing information network. The main target is to continue to collaborate with the official authorities and to help the organizers of events. Together, we can do that and probably more !

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