Rules of game

Click Here to download a PDF file. (Update : July 3, 2014)

Several years ago when Inline Hockey was starting the CIRILH saw the need to assist in the development of Inline Hockey game standards, policies and procedures. The CIRILH took aim at developing the referee’s game standards and making the playing rules consistent around the globe. Since the World Championships held in 1999 in Switzerland, this has been a priority. Our aim was to use Referees trained and schooled on the philosophy of play as prescribed by the CIRILH.

We currently have four levels of referee under the FIRS rules. The levels are as follows:

  • International “A”,
  • International “B”,
  • Honorary International Referee
  • National Referee, a new level formelly called International “C”.

All of these levels have great importance in the overall development of the game.

We play inline hockey at many skill levels domestically and internationally. The National Referee level was created for two reasons, one to get the International playing rules into a country that was developing the sport. The second reason was to allow the developing countries to implement a referee program that will train referees not only for domestic play but to develop skills for advanced International play.

The International A and B Referees are referees that have attend a higher level of training provided by the CIRILH prior to International Championships. International A Referees work at the World Championship and World Games.  International B Referees are at the second level still developing the necessary skills required to work at World Championships. The International B Referees will be seen at Continental Championships such as; European Cup, Pan Am Games, Oceania Games and the Asian Games. Generally at the Continental Championship we will have a mixture of International A and B referees to allow for mentoring of our up and coming Referees.

The final level is the Honorary Referee.  This referee is an International A or B Referee that is not actively working games any longer. These Referees will become Mentors in their country as well as at the International Level.

Referee training is available prior to all World Championship’s and is available to any FIRS Member Federation. For more information please contact Gordon Young, FIRS Referee in Chief


Click Here to download a PDF file. (Update : July 3, 2014)

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