Congratulations to the New FIRS Inline Hockey Technical Committee !

The new FIRS Inline Hockey Technical committee has been revealed. The Chairman, Alberto Lastrucci, is working from now on with Andrea Fonzari from Italy, Eduardo Rojas Leal from Mexico, Ramin Atighechi from Iran and Tomas Brezina from Czech Republic. They will work together on the development of Inline Hockey and will bring a new vision to our sport under the FIRS umbrella. They have been appointed by Sabatino Aracu, FIRS president. 

As always, World Inline Hockey Association is ready to help the technical committee to promote our discipline by covering events and communicating as much informations as possible with our community.

Want to add more informations, or maybe we forgot something ? Drop us a line, we’ll be happy to assist !

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Team Wilha
The principal goal of WILHA, World Inline Hockey Association, is to develop the communication of our sport. We wish to develop the existing information network. The main target is to continue to collaborate with the official authorities and to help the organizers of events. Together, we can do that and probably more !

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