Rosario, Day 4 : Hey, Have You Seen Our Goalies ?

Yesterday, 4th day of competition… and 66 goals have been scored.  And may more pucks have been stopped. Today’s paper is about goalies, and about the great shows they sometimes offer to their team !

According to the games statistics, shutout for junior goaltenders Ondrej Haloda (Czech Republic) and Oriol Borrell (Spain). And some goaltenders are definitely a great help for their teams, like Argentinan Lautaro Renda, who saved 98 shots in the five games he played.

Women statistics show a shutout for Czech goaltender Hana Nenadalova and Spain goaltender Carlota Alvarado Martín-Calero so far. Italian goaltender Nicole Bonamino saved 129 shots on the 4 games she played (0.935). Argentinan Sofia Conti saved 102 shots.

Yesterday, Spanish and Czech teams got a tight – Czech team eventually won on a penalty shot.

Czech and spanish teams were tight… and Czech Team finally won the first place of their pool ! Want to see how ? #Penaltyshot #Gotcha

Posted by WORLD Inline Hockey on mercredi 10 juin 2015

Here are yesterday’s pictures… and if you want to see more, have a look at our Facebook page !

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