Rosario 2015 : Czech Teams On Top Of The World

Both Czech teams, women and juniors, won gold on saturday for the world championships finals in Rosario. Junior team beat France 2-0, and women beat team USA 2-1.

Many games were played yesterday – and those two were two perfect games, where each team showed great spirit, fair-play and great hockey. Those pictures tell the story !

If you missed some of the results, you’ll find all the junior results and statistics on this page, and women results and statistics on this page. Videos and more are coming up soon here, and are already on our Facebook page !

Team France Czech Italy
Italy, Czech and French teams shared a group picture.

TeamCzech gold medal
Czech Republic won gold in junior men championships…

TeamCzech Junior
Team Czech women

And gold medal for women too, with a 2-1 win over team USA.

France got silver in junior men.


And Italy got bronze medal over team USA.


Team USA won silver in Women world championship.

And bronze for team Spain, with a win over team Finland.

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