Rosario 2015 : Czech Team Wins Gold… Again !

The gold for women and junior teams… and the gold medal for the czech senior team too. Czech Republic won gold over France 2-1, with a last goal by Patrik Sebek in overtime.

USA wins 7-4 over team Latvia and gets bronze medal.

Brasil wins over Switzerland 4-3 and gets first place of pool B.

1. Czech Republic
2. France
3. USA
4. Latvia
5. Italy
6. Spain
7. Argentina
8. Mexico
9. Brasil
10. Switzerland
11. Colombia
12. Venezuela
13. Chile
14. Macau
15. India

Team Brasil

Team Brasil, first place of Pool B

Team USA

Team USA, bronze medal

Team France

Team France, silver medal

Team Czech

Team Czech Republic, gold medal

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