Introducing Our Team : who is World Inline Hockey ?

It’s about time we meet ! World Inline Hockey is an association willing to provide informations about inline hockey all over the world.

Our team was first working with CIRILH, the international inline hockey comittee, to relay articles, photos and videos during the World Championships. Since then, we’ve grown on our own, still following the World Championships and working hand-in-hand with FIRS communication team. They did a great job in Rosario, Argentina (2015) and Asiago, Italy (2016) and we were proud to work with them !

For some years, inline hockey has grown bigger. Some tournaments attract attention worlwide : Sparta Cup in Spain, NARCh, Torhs and State Wars, Upper Puck in France… and so do some national competitions : the European League, the french Final Four. And not to mention the Asian Games and the Africa Cup !

We want to be able to tell you about all these events, and that’s why  we officially created World Inline Hockey Association. We are still willing to help FIRS as much as we can, and we will also do our best to relay all the informations we can about inline hockey worldwide.

You’ll find below a quick presentation of the WILHA team. We do hope to share the love of the game we have, and we’ll do our best – on Facebook, on Twitter, on Instagram, on Youtube and here – to provide great pictures and videos.

Have fun, play hockey !


Meet the team : Gilbert, Sébastien, Eddy and Perrine

Gilbert Portier – Developpement and partnerships

I have been involved managing Sports since 1980. At the beginning I was an Ice Hockey Club President, then an Ice Sports Regional League President then the General Treasurer of the French Ice Hockey Committee as well as the General Treasurer of French Federation of Ice Sports (Fédération Française des Sports de Glace) . In 1994, I created a club of InLine Hockey and join the French Federation of Roller Sports. Four years later, I became member of French Roller Sports Federation Central Committee.

From 2002 to 2006, I was President of French InLine Hockey Committee, from 2004 through 2008, I was Vice-President of International In Line Hockey Committee under George Pickard umbrella and became President when George retired in 2008 until 2016. During 8 years, I tried to develop the communication of our sport which suffers from a media lack of visibility. I was likely to meet players impassioned, avid to communicate, who helped with the creation of a Web site and a specific Facebook page.

The principal goal of WILHA is to develop the communication of our sport. We wish to develop the existing information network. The main target is to continue to collaborate with the official authorities and to help the organizers of events. 

Together, we can do that and probably more.

Sébastien Marpeau – Communication and videast

Sebastien MarpeauHey, I’m Sébastien Marpeau. I have been practicing roller hockey for 20 years and have covered numerous events around the world since 2005. International referee, I’m also a sports instructor and organizer of sporting events, such as managing the Upper Puck (an international tournament) for the past 10 years.

Each moment with World Inline Hockey is a new moment of happiness and the opportunity to meet new people !

Eddy Wegzryn – Photographer and PR

Eddy WegzrynHi, I’m Eddy Wegrzyn, I’m a travel photographer and a hockey goaltender so it’s naturally that when I had the opportunity to join my three passions together in one job I couldn’t say no.

I’ve been photographing world championships and international inline hockey tournament since 2012 in a lot of different places.

I always photograph games with a passionate eye and a thirst to bring back the best images. During those years I was able to grow as a photographer and as a human being through the games and the people I’ve met in the beautiful community of inline hockey and now I’m ready to bring inline hockey even higher with WILHA.


Want to join us ? Drop us a line !

Everyone at WILHA is working pro bono. If you want to relay informations from your country or your area, drop us a line ! We are looking for correspendents all over the world to relay informations and write articles.

New logo by Vincent Tagnon – meet him on Facebook and on his website !