Rethel (France) To Host European League In March

Some of the best european teams – and some of the best players currently playing in Europe – will attend next European League, in March. The french club from Rethel, Les Diables, will host the competition.

11 teams will be attending the tournament. Competition will begin on March 4th and ends on March 6th. Games might be broadcasted : stay tuned on our Facebook page for more informations.

  • Rethel Ardennes (France),
  • Tigres de Garges (France),
  • Wolves Charleroi (Belgium),
  • Bruxelles Phénix (Belgium),
  • HC Rubi Cent Patins (Spain),
  • CPL Valladolid (Spain),
  • HC Laupersdorf (Switzerland),
  • IHC SF Linth (Switzerland),
  • HC Milano Quanta (Italy),
  • Norton Cyclones (Great Britain),
  • ISC Mannheim (Germany).

Planning can be found on this link 

Photo © – Daniel Brabec, Czech team, will be attending with Garges. 

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