2012 FIRS “Official” world inline hockey championships Junior Men and Senior Women

Find all informations of the World Championship Junior Men and Senior Women on this page.

Find the Webzine of the world championship
for the first time, the international committee offers a webzine in English and Spanish. For all the news of the world championship and much more.
Inline Hockey Mag N°7 – 07/07/12
Inline Hockey Mag N°6 – 07/06/12
Inline Hockey Mag N°5 – 07/05/12
Inline Hockey Mag N°4 – 07/04/12
Inline Hockey Mag N°3 – 07/03/12
Inline Hockey Mag N°2 – 07/02/12
Inline Hockey Mag N°1 – 06/30/12

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All Videos are on You Tube

All Stastistics, schedules and results on RSsportz.


Ranking 2012 Junior Men

1 – Czech Republic
2 – Colombia
3 – USA
4 – France
5 – Switzerland
6 – Mexico
7- Brazil
8 – Australia
9 – Ecuador

Ranking 2012 Senior Women

3- Spain
4 – Mexico
5- France
6- Argentina
7 – Colombia
8 – Brasil
9- Australia

About the Author

Sébastien Marpeau
Hey, I’m Sébastien Marpeau. I have been practicing roller hockey for 20 years and have covered numerous events around the world since 2005. International referee, I’m also a sports instructor and organizer of sporting events, such as managing the Upper Puck (an international tournament) for the past 10 years. Each moment with World Inline Hockey is a new moment of happiness and the opportunity to meet new people !

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