2010 European Confederation Cup

Qualification Tournaments

Four qualification tournaments will take place on October 29-30-31.

Each winner of a qualification tournament will be qualified for the European
Champion Cup final 8.

Second and third of each qualification tournament will be qualified to attend
the European Confederation Cup Final 8.

Details of Qualification Tournaments

————> #  Where? Country Clubs Attending  From 
1 Valladolid Spain Angers « Les Hawks » France
CPL Valladolid Spain
Monleale Italy
H.C Laupersdorf Switzerland
ISC Mannheim Germany
2 Kaltbrunn Switzerland R.S. Amienois « Les Ecureuils » France
Las Palmas de Gran Canaria Spain
A.S. Edera Trieste Italy
D.E.G. Rhein Rollers Germany
I.H.C.S.F. Linth Switzerland
3 Caen France R.S.H. Caen « Les conquerants » France
Villeneuve « Les fous du bitume » France
H.C. Rubi Cent Patins Spain
Brussels « Phoenix » Belgium
« Wolves » Charleroi Belgium
4 Grenoble France « Les Yeti’s » Grenoble France
Tres Cantos P.C. Spain
« Pirati » Civitavecchia Italy
Arezzo Hockey Italy
IHC Razorbacks Zug-Freiamt Switzerland

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